Zak and Zaborah Monomi

//Zak and Zaborah Monomi

Yesterday was Jade, so I feel obliged that today should be Zak. XD

What can I say about our beloved Monomi? He genuinely surprised me. I knew he’d have a fairly tragic backstory (losing one’s idol and brother in such a traumatic way would do that to a soul), and I knew he’d be Jade’s friend and protector, and possible love interest, but…I wasn’t expecting the depths of him. The moments of humor and intensity, the times he’d actually throw logic out the window. (seriously, that kissing scene in Void Born? That was not in my outline. That was all them.) I love his devotion and commitment to doing what is right and true. Even in the face of adversity.

…even in the face of defying everything the Author planned, dagnabit, Zak, you and your stubborness. XD


Which leads me to also including Zaborah. Oh, how I adored her responses to her brother while everything was happening in Aerugo. As my dear friend, Jamie Foley, said during Alpha reading, “Zaborah is the logical one that needs to smack heads together!” And you know what? It’s absolutely true.

Zaborah was always the fierce fire, the embodiment of the Monomi fighting spirit (and her name is 100% a play off the name Deborah, the judge from the Bible). Strong and true, she sees things much more black-and-white than others sometimes do, and she’s not afraid to call out her little brother when she determines he’s acting irrationally.

Quick thinking on her feet, battle-ready, and strategic, she’s got much that I wish I had. Alas, strategy is something I learn very slowly, and often have to rely on Mike to help me figure out. But I know several women who not only have great strategic skills, but they are amazingly kick-butt, and roll with the punches in life. They get punched down, but they roll back to their feet and keep going. They’re an inspiration not only to their families, but to their friends, and the watching world.

Never give up.

Monomi Strong.





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