Character art – Jade Stohner

//Character art – Jade Stohner

Sooo…I got some character art done recently. And I’m absolutely in love with all of them (as if I wasn’t already in love with my characters before!).

If you already follow me on social media, you’ll have seen some of them already, but I reckon I should have them all here for easy access if anyone wishes to reference them for any reason. So, without further ado, I shall start sharing them! Because, well, why not? ^_^

She’s pretty recognizable, but having a visual representation of Jade just makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

The sketch of Jade was made a few years ago, and I absolutely loved how Jirina captured our fiesty mechanic in beautiful pen strokes. And having her colored in? Even better. (though I’m still tempted to someday print out the sketch of Jade and color her in with pencil just because I can. I mean, how fun would that be?!)

Maybe I’ll someday get art done of Brandon and Sapphire together, where we can really see what traits Jade gets from Sapphire (ok, but really now, that did hurt, having Sapphire die. I knew she would before I ever started writing, and it still hurt.) Gosh, can you imagine if Jade actually grew up with Sapphire as her mother? And Samantha and Garnet as her aunts, as it all should’ve been? What trouble they’d get into…

Hmm. That’d be a fun, bittersweet “what if?” fanfic to write someday. If everyone made it through, and things were “as it should be” and how would that look? Interesting idea, that…

Also, check out Jirina’s art! She’s fabulous, and I adore her work!

And here’s a LOVELY Zade art by Julia Busko. Seems pretty spot-on for some of their Renegade Skyfarer moments, eh?

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