Christopher Saroot

//Christopher Saroot


**deep sigh**

One of the characters that I knew from the very beginning that wasn’t going to have a happy storyline. How can he? Passed through the Void as a child when the plane he’d been on crashed. Adopted by a loving family who was then brutally murdered by the Elphen army. Brainwashed and used by Lord Sephirn. So many friends, killed.

To say he hasn’t had an easy life would be the understatement of the century.

His storyline hurt. And yet…there was also quiet comfort, even peaceful contentment, as I walked in his boots. How?

Because he got to the point that he could understand what happened to him and the other Void Born, and that he was no longer a slave to the will of others. That he realized for himself what he needed and wanted to do to rectify his wrongs. That he could make tomorrow a safer, better place for his sister and not only those like her, but for the innocent children he’d seen through his travels. He made friends and allies. He made decisions that were his own. He had freedom to live his life as he decided to.

There are so many other things I want to say, but with Blood Bond not yet out, I dare not, for fear of massive spoilers. But oh, how I wish to discuss all of Christopher freely!

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