Ben Dubray

//Ben Dubray

Oh Ben. How you’ve grown.

I remember walking home with Mike (I say walking as if I wasn’t 8 months pregnant and waddling), discussing this story and throwing around ideas, and our discussions of Ben, and how he’d get to Terrene, and what implications that meant for returning to Earth. Me asking questions about the Void, and Ben’s military unit, and realizing just what kind of personality he’d have to be to swallow the pain of all that’s happened and keep moving forward.

It takes a special kind of stuff to lose so many to senseless violence, and not give in to the dark despair and grief and anger. To purposefully show kindness and love. To be the opposing force.

To quote Tadashi, from Disney’s Big Hero 6, “Somebody has to help.”

Some folks are born with compassion in their every fibre. They didn’t have to learn how to look out for the little guy, didn’t have to have their eyes opened to those struggling to get through the day, the hour, the minute. They see the dirty, scuffed-up gentleman on the side of the street, trying to get back on his feet. The mother at the store, trying to buy enough food for her kids, but having to also budget just so that they won’t lose their house.

Ben ain’t perfect. Far from it. But he has that lens for others that I absolutely love. He reminds me of a retired fireman I know, who, at first impression, is an imposing giant of a guy, but once you meet him, you learn he’s got the softest heart for people and he’s the kind of guy you want fighting in your ring with you.

I hope to be that kind of person. The one that’s encouraging others, and one who can and will and does shield those that need that protection until they can get on their feet again.

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