Geist Wolscar

//Geist Wolscar

Geist. Oh, Geist.

Did you know? This guy was originally supposed to be a bit of a villain in Renegade Skyfarer? I had no intentions whatsoever of him becoming anything major in the series. I was definitely not expecting him to befriend Ben, nor was I expecting Ben and him to actually become buddies. Let alone go to the Hollows together. Or travel north. Or any of that.

Some characters look at the original plan the Author has for them, and they laugh maniacally while they trample all over it.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love Geist. I love his adrenaline-junkie thirst for adventure. I love how his respect for Slate (*sniff, sniff, Slaaate) made Geist change his gambling ways. I love how he looked prejudice in the face and rolled his eyes at it, choosing to not treat Ben or Raine any differently.

He used to have a small crush on Krista (see if you catch that next time you read Renegade Skyfarer), but he respected her and her choice of Briar, and so he never pushed or creeped. For being a guy who would shamelessly hurl himself toward danger and jump at life-threatening situations, he had boundaries that he respected and I love him for it.

I also love his constant razzing at Ben. What are friends for, if not to constantly poke and tease in good humor? Perhaps I’ll write a drabble based off a dream I had a few weeks ago. Picture, if you will, Ben and Geist road-tripping across America, with very different tastes in music and very different ideas on what constitutes as break from driving. (Kerlee and Raine had started with them, and quickly decided that they didn’t have the sanity to continue with them)

Any headcanons to add to that idea? Who knows, maybe I’ll actually write that someday. XD

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