Happy New Year!

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I love the theoretical simplicity of January. It's the month after holidays, travel, family, friends, food, insane busyness. It's supposed to be the easy month in the year. Right? Wrong. Our January calendar has filled so quickly that I'm now looking forward to February to get my post-holiday breather! Game days, sick days, tournaments (for [...]

Book review for Tainted

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I am excited for when book two of the Soul Chronicles comes out! Book one, Tainted, introduced Stephen and Kat, two individuals who are broken in their own ways, each with their own reasons for their trust issues. Circumstances force them to work together to unravel the truth of deaths, powers and how everything is [...]

Book review for Realmscapes

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I enjoyed this book. It's not in my top favorites, but it was well worth the money and the read. Several stories whetted my appetite for that author, and now I'm going to be looking for more that they've written, as I've enjoyed their prose and subject matter. Other short stories were fun and entertaining, [...]

Winter is here. Finally.

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It's starting to finally feel a bit like winter here. The leaves in the trees have changed to red, the nights have cooled down to the low 40's and we've finally turned on our heater. All of you that live elsewhere in the country, who've been dealing with snow for the last two months or [...]

Book review for Demon

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I wish I had known in advance that the book was based of Ezekiel 11, as I wouldn't have spent part of the book wondering about the Biblical foundation. That being said, I found Demon to be an intriguing and magnetizing read. It held my attention and kept drawing me back. Like a bread crumb [...]

Book review for Healer’s Curse

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I greatly enjoyed this novella! It expanded the world for me as a reader, and kept me hooked into the story. Lady Elilan has been through so much, and experiencing everything unfold from her viewpoint was marvelous. McKee creates characters with such incredible depth and complexity, that you can't help feeling for them within just [...]

Book review for Mardan’s mark

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Oh man, I love this book! I bought it on a whim at Realm Makers this year, and I am sooo glad I did. Within just a chapter, I was intrigued. Within three chapters I was hooked and wanting to forsake all else in my day just so I could read more. Start to finish, [...]

Book review for Wrath and Ruin

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I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book by C.W. Briar and decided to buy it, no idea at all. But I'm sure glad I got it! The collection of stories cover an impressive range of characters, settings and types of suspense. One story was based in space while another [...]