Getting closer!

//Getting closer!

I have only a handful of chapters of Betrayal by Blood to edit. Break out the dark chocolate and celebrate with me!

Doesn’t that look amazing? Why, yes. Yes, it does.

Now, here’s the thing, being this close to completion. I want fresh eyes to read through it. Folks who can commit to reading through it within a month’s time, leaving honest comments, opinions, and questions. (“I can’t believe you just did that!”, “This seems odd. Fix it.”, “Did you edit this at 2 am, because I’m pretty sure your timeline isn’t like that…”, etc.)

Remember, Betrayal by Blood is a prequel, and because of that, it does have a bit of a dark, cliff-hanger-ish ending. And that is 100% purposeful. And if you are dying for more when you finish–you want that hope, you want to know what’s next–by that point I should have Scars of Time ready for beta readers, and you can flow from one book straight to the next. Oh, happy day!

Do you think you have what it takes to be on my beta reader team? E-mail me if you do! I will send out Betrayal by Blood via Google Docs, so you will need a Google account.

All who read and complete Betrayal by Blood will receive an autographed copy once it’s printed, as well as a little bonus gift. ^_^

Betrayal by Blood
Ancient manipulation magic collides with steampunk in the high fantasy world of Terrene, where a blood curse is held back by a barrier that the Monomi clan will do anything to uphold.

Finn has a mission–and a secret. Will all that he’s worked to protect unravel from one ill-timed event?

Prince Brandon thought he was going on a quick mission to negotiate with rebels in an uprising–but an ambush that nearly kills him will set into motion unexpected consequences for the whole kingdom.

When Lieutenant Slate uncovers a possible plot to harm those he loves within the royal family, he must choose: treason or let them die.

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