Good things to those who wait

//Good things to those who wait

Y’all have waited so long. So patiently. And at long last, I am relieved to give you the news you’ve been hoping to hear.

Traitor’s Crown is almost ready. It’ll be out on September 5!

And the cover is gorgeous. Another stunning work of art by Magpie Designs Ltd. (I may have to get a poster made from some of these covers. Seriously now!

You can pre-0rder the Kindle edition, but for the paperback, you’ll unfortunately have to wait to hit the “buy” button on release day, but it’ll be ready and it’ll be gorgeous and, believe it or not, it’s even bigger than any of the other books. Makes me a bit nervous about when I’m done with Blood Bond. ^_^’

This…this book took a lot out of me. There’s some topics in this that are difficult to swallow, but they are so real, and so present around us, and, unfortunately, these are the topics that most look the other way and pretend that don’t exist. Someone has to speak up. Someone has to show the pain and tragedy–and then the hope, the healing, the light at the end of the tunnel.

I say this not to scare anyone away, but to warn that yes, the night is darkest before dawn. But when that sun rises and those golden rays touch the land, chase the shadows? There is a unique beauty to that moment, and it’s worth waiting for.



The barrier has fallen.

Panic looms over the Leaders’ Summit. With war on their doorstep, Jade must decide what she is willing to do to help unite the southern kingdoms, even if it means marrying for duty rather than love. But the sudden re-emergence of her father, Doldra’s lost Prince Brandon, throws all of her plans to the wind. His desire to restore their relationship could prove her only hope out of an unwanted marriage or destroy the fragile dream of a united southern coalition.

And in the dark depths of the Hollows, Raine must find allies for herself if she’s to survive the horrors of the mines. Not everyone is as they seem, and some friendships come with a price that is far too costly.

Unaware that their enemies have placed their sights on the Hollows, Ben and Geist take on a covert mission with one goal in mind: Find Raine. Protect her. But when complications arise, they learn that things are much worse than anticipated.

With the southern countries crumbling before the threat of invasion, they must find the strength to stand firm—before the north enslaves them all.


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