Awakening from the slumber…

//Awakening from the slumber…


It’s been a long time (forever) since y’all have heard from me. I promise I’m still alive and kicking! To be honest, the last two? three? years have been spent with keeping afloat (mostly) with kids and school stuff, but I promise my brain is still cogitating Terrene and possibly another story or two separate from Terrene!

I still aspire to get Scars of Time done within the next two years or less – not that I’ve been sitting on those edits since 2019 or anything… >_> The longer it’s been since I’ve picked up a pen to edit the more intimidating it feels! But oh, do I miss everyone in that world! I hope to get to them soon and at least finish that particular collection of stories. Maaaybe even get around to plotting out Phoenix – the backstory of Finn (or should I say Flint?) Ahhh, someday. Someday!

I won’t lie, my dear readers. Your reviews, your sharing of my series, your comments and your love, those really keep my embers of creativity glowing. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll have something new to share this year. No promises, but I definitely hope for it!

Until then, may the winds keep your sails full, and may the dragons remain friendly. ^_~

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