Void Born is here!

//Void Born is here!

I am so excited to announce that Void Born is officially out on Amazon and ready for your reading pleasure! (and book three will be out Spring 2019, have no fear)

Along with the excitement of today being the release day, next week I’ll be having a Facebook party with Edie Melson to celebrate, and y’all are all invited!

Join us for behind the scenes fun, interacting with us authors, and, of course, giveaways!

Have you snagged your copy of Void Born yet? You can always get the Kindle copy while you wait for your paperback to be delivered, ya know. (Not to imply that I’m an impatient reader and automatically assume others are the same. Nope. Not at all!)

I hope to see many of you at the Facebook party, and once you’ve had a chance to read Void Born, drop me a review on Amazon or Goodreads, if you’d be so kind. Reviews are the true reward for us authors, you know. ^_^


The bloodstone has been stolen.

Although the barrier remains, its stability is at risk. And if it falls, all of southern Terrene will be forfeit.

After the tragedies in Doldra, the valiant crew of the
Sapphire struggles to regain their footing. Jade returns to Lucrum with the escort of Prince Weston only to find herself cornered by Lord Everett’s political maneuvering. With her freedom at stake, Jade is faced with a choice: give up her dreams for the future, or watch as those closest to her die.

Ben hunts down Victor and his mysterious Void Born with the help of Finn and his granddaughter Raine. The longer they are together, the harder Ben falls for the enigmatic swordswoman. But mad sages and ruthless assassins aren’t all he needs to fear–if Ben’s friends find out his secret, he could lose everything.

With Terrene at stake, they cannot lose sight of their goals.

Even with the past and the future pulling at them.

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