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//Back to the beginning

The first manuscript I wrote was Betrayal by Blood, the prequel to the entire series. I had to know what exactly happened the day the Doldran royal family fell, I had to know the truth of why Slate felt the guilt he did, and I had to see sweet Zak as a little boy, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

So I wrote that manuscript. And I shared it with my alpha team. And they showed great grace and kindness as they ripped into it, teaching me basics about writing that I hadn’t yet learned. And I made changes, and then sent it to my first-ever professional editor, and she did a fantastic job of also shredding it to pieces for me to learn from and put it back together. And I made many edits, many deletions and additions, much smoothing…and I let it sit on the back burner while I wrote Scars of Time (the anthology that spans between Betrayal by Blood and Renegade Skyfarer). And I set that aside to simmer while I wrote Renegade Skyfarer and Void Born. Then I pulled it out, blew off the dust, re-wrote half the scenes, then sent that to my new editor. A bit more back-and-forthing, and at long last, I am thrilled to say that it’s done. More than done, even. It’s coming out. Next month. YAY!

(And if you’re concerned about when I’ll be picking up where Void Born left off, Traitor’s Crown comes out this summer, and it’s even bigger than any of my other books thus far!)

This was my first book baby. My first book cover designer, first editor, first learning curve. And I am so incredibly excited to share it all with you now! If you’re ready to smirk over young Slate meet Samantha, explore with Zak, and witness Brandon be the family man he should’ve always been, you’ll want to pre-order Betrayal by Blood.


One man. One choice.


Palace guard and resident heartthrob Slate Stohner wants nothing more than to find his perfect match and start a family. Just like his sister, Sapphire–who has found her true love in the second prince, Brandon Doldras.

When Sapphire and Brandon’s daughter is born, tensions arise over who should rule the kingdom. And after an assassin targets Sapphire, Slate’s world is turned upside down. Trust and loyalty will be put to the test as an even larger plot against the royal family unfurls. His choice could save his family from a dark conspiracy—or usher in their destruction.


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