A bit closer…

//A bit closer…

Blood Bond is back in my hands! *squee!*

Edits look like they won’t be too bad, but it’ll still take some time, considering all that I’m juggling in life right now. (Hello, homeschool and tutoring and Christmas present making and housework. O_o Who needs sanity, right?…) Assuming all goes well, Blood Bond will be releasing late spring! Woo hoo!

Along with that happy news, I’ve seen a sneak peek of the cover, and I’m pretty excited for when it’s done. And once that’s done being beautifully crafted, the pre-order will be set and ready to go! **fist pump**

In the meantime, I’m keeping up with bookstagram on IG, so if anyone wants to jump in and join me there, I’d love to chat and hang out with you lovelies!

As for 20020… I hope y’all are still swimming. It’s been a rough storm for everyone in one way or another, and while we’re all in it, I know some are weathering it in a yacht, and others in a dinghy. Chin up. Reach out if you need a hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And if you can, escape into a book, just so you can have a breather. ♥

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