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Ahhh, Brandon. The prince that started as a very vanilla character, in a friend's words, and then morphed into more of a rocky road ice cream. There were so many ideas and possibilities for this guy. So many ways of which he could be (and was) tormented. So many ways of which he could grow [...]

Character art – Jade Stohner

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Sooo...I got some character art done recently. And I'm absolutely in love with all of them (as if I wasn't already in love with my characters before!). If you already follow me on social media, you'll have seen some of them already, but I reckon I should have them all here for easy access if [...]

Book covers, line edits, and sketches, oh my!

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To my great excitement and glee, we had a photo shoot in New York a week ago. We now have a slew of awesome pictures that we're going to use for the book covers of our series, and I cannot wait until I get to share everything with y'all! Our model did for Ben did [...]