Betrayal by Blood (Prequel to Stones of Terrene)

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Betrayal by Blood (Prequel to Stones of Terrene)
Series: Stones of Terrene, Book 0
Genres: Fantasy, Steampunk
As the kingdom of Doldrum recovers from a rebellion, a plot against the royal family will turn brother against brother.
About the Book

Ancient manipulation magic collides with steampunk in the high fantasy world of Terrene, where a blood curse is held back by a barrier that the Monomi clan will do anything to uphold.

Finn has a mission–and a secret. Will all that he’s worked to protect unravel from one ill-timed event?

Prince Brandon thought he was going on a quick mission to negotiate with rebels in an uprising–but an ambush that nearly kills him will set into motion unexpected consequences for the whole kingdom.

 When Lieutenant Slate uncovers a possible plot to harm those he loves within the royal family, he must choose: treason or let them die.

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